I Found a Love Letter in my Husband’s Drawer

Over the holidays, I committed myself to cleaning out the house; kind of like a spring-cleaning in the winter. The New Year was approaching, and I wanted to start a lighter, fresher more unencumbered year. And since there were closets and cabinets 
I hadn’t tended to in quite a while, I figured it would be the perfect time to go through things and reorganize the house a bit. The project took me a few days, but I was determined to start 
at one end of the house and work my way through to the other side. It actually began as quite a liberating experience. I emptied closets and dusted shelves. I donated things I didn’t even know I had and trashed things I no longer needed. I kind of enjoyed the process and eventually was really to tackle my 
walk-in closet. I share the closet with my husband, and I realized we weren’t maximizing 
our space. Over the years, we had just shoved things in there, some of which I knew I could get rid of. If I just rearranged a few things we would both have a bit more space. 
As I went through drawers and refolded sweaters, I came across an envelop at the bottom of one
 of my husband’s drawers. It was one of those knick-knack drawers, with an assortment of different 
things that didn’t really belong anywhere in particular. I could tell he had just thrown things 
into it over the years and hadn’t really opened it in a while. But all the way on the bottom, underneath an old 
college sweatshirt and an ugly...