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bubble bath

WOW, it is one of those days. I cannot believe it, but the stars are aligned in my favor because I actually have a day all to myself. The kids are all back in school. No one has early pick up and no one left their lunch at home. So barring an emergency phone call from the school nurse, I may actually have some time alone. Now, that is not to say that as a mother of three rambunctious kids I NEVER have time to myself. That wouldn’t be true. I get plenty of time to myself….in the bathroom when I remember to lock the door; in the shower, if no one tries to have a conversation through the sound of running water and a solid wood door; in the car as I drive from school to the market to play dates and sports practices; and even in the carpool line. And don’t get me wrong; those precious moments alone are just that—precious.  A few moments of solitude to just think- or sometime to just NOT THINK. But they come in small increments, 10 to 15 minutes at a time. So to have a few consecutive hours all to my self does not happen often, and I am ever grateful for this moment.

Now, to decide what I will do with all this time…. I could get a massage!!! Yes, that is what I should do. Uh, but by the time I drive there and I don’t even have an appointment…. Never mind. Maybe I’ll go to the gym? Don’t kid yourself. I haven’t worked out in ages and a little movement today will hardly make a dent, so why bother. And do I really feel like spending my free time with a bunch of women who already look amazing in their fancy gym clothes? How about a bubble bath!!! I remember the days when I used to take bubble baths. Actually, maybe it was only once or twice that I took a bath. It was my kids who used to take bubble baths.

Oops, hold on. Put that “me time” on pause. I just remembered I have been meaning to call the pediatrician for an appointment. And oh yah, the sink is leaking. I should call the plumber and see if he can come by this week. Might as well take care of these phone calls before I start my precious “me time.” I wouldn’t want any interruptions.

Hmmm, how about a good book? Maybe I could pour myself a cup of tea and catch up on some reading. Should I have Earl Grey or Chamomile? Should I brew the tea or use a tea bag? No time to waste, I’ll use a tea bag. As I browse through our library and get past the Dr. Seuss books, Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and Hunger Games Trilogy, I realize that I have not bought a book for myself in ages. Sure I read. A LOT. I read TO my kids, WITH my kids, heck even FOR my kids (shh, don’t tell their teachers. I know more about Neil Armstrong than I even wanted to). I enjoyed reading every Harry Potter book, and appreciated that I knew all about the districts before I saw the Hunger Games. But there isn’t a single book in here that I really want to read, for me….

Ok, my tea is cold anyway so forget the book. Oh shoot! My phone is ringing. Do I answer it? Uhhh, I have 14 texts too. Ok. Just a few minutes of phone time so that I can totally put it away and put my feet up. Oh yah, and a few minutes of Candy Crush. I really have to get past level 436.

Ok. Now I am sitting down. And I am putting my feet up. What time is in anyway? Huh, not bad. I still have some time left before I need to pick up the kids. But I’m kind of hungry. Some how I forgot to factor lunch into the equation. I’m usually on the run, so I just eat something in the car. Or I wait until the kids get in the car and rummage through their lunch boxes. Now that I am home, I can actually eat something yummy. Wow, looks like I need to go to the market. The fridge is pretty bare. I think I can make a quick run to the market before I have to get the kids. NO STOP! No going to the market on my “me time.” I can do that tomorrow. But what should I eat? By the time I chop a salad or make something I will have lost more of my precious time. Forget food, I’ll wait for the left overs in their lunchboxes.

Now this is nice. My feet are up. My phone is off (OK it’s actually just on silent). And no one is yelling “MOM!!” I could get used to this. I have to make a point of putting aside more “me time.” Tick tock, tick tock. Hmmm, this is actually a little boring. How long should I just sit here? Should I close my eyes? Maybe I should put on some music. Or turn on the TV…. Oh, well what do you know? It’s time to pick up the kids. But this was nice; I should do it again. Or maybe I should just meet a girlfriend for lunch.

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