• Nancy Shapiro: As the Mom to an only child, I’m a tough critic. My daughter began class with Teacher Alex when she was just under 2 years old and was instantly drawn to Alex and her warm, welcoming demeanor. We had a wonderful experience and I know Alex bonded with each child in the class in various ways based on the individual needs of the child. Alex can quickly assess the individual personality of each child and work with them based on that.  As a new mom, talking with, listening to and spending time with Alex gave me a better insight to my own child and I am grateful for that expereince.


  • Jessica Smiedt:  I had the privilege of being in Alex’s mommy and me class at Temple Isaiah when each of my children was around 2. Every week, we looked forward to    it. Alex’s organization and attention to detail made the class run so smoothly. Her rapport with the kids was really something special; the way she could keep so many two-year-olds focused and engaged was remarkable. During the parent discussion portion, Alex would offer great advice, tips and techniques that were so helpful to the many new parents (myself included!). Both of my kids adored teacher Alex, as did I!

  • Laura Beck: Alex provides practical advice on the most difficult of parenting topics. Her love for children is undeniable and her desire to help and teach parents comes from the heart. Alex has brought me back from the edge of insanity quite a few times; she has listened to my woes and taught me new ways of approaching parenting.

  • Christina Kim:  I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know “Teacher Alex” over the last year as she taught my son’s Mommy and Me class. Alex is an incredibly warm, compassionate, and dedicated educator who truly connects with the children in her class. Initially, my son was very shy and refused to participate in any group activities or songs. Alex was very patient with him and took the time to talk to me about strategies to help him feel more comfortable in group settings. It was amazing to watch Alex connect with my son and slowly get him comfortable with the activities and social aspects of the class. By the end of the year, my son was singing all the songs, sitting at the front of the class, playing with the other children, and participating in the many fun art projects and activities Alex came up with.  Another very valuable part of Alex’s class was the parent discussions. Topics ranged from potty training to discipline to making sure that we, as parents, find a good life balance. It was so comforting to hear other parents talk about their issues (that were often things we were going through) and to get Alex’s perspective as a mother and an educator. Alex is an excellent communicator and is able to get to the heart of a parent’s question or problem and always offers very specific, actionable advice. Even though my son graduated from Alex’s class, I still email her when I have a parenting question and she is always more than happy to help. I feel very blessed Alex was my son’s first teacher and would highly recommend her class.

  • Allison Statter: I had the pleasure of doing Alex’s mommy and me classes with both my children. Not only did my boys enjoy her program, but it was really valuable for me as well. She has incredible insight, advise and is wonderful with the children. Anyone who takes her classes will benefit from them greatly.

  • Mary Beth Carosello: In the same month, my 18 month old son started his first preschool class—a “Mommy and Me” lead by Alex–and my daughter was born. It was a challenging few months full of many new experiences and major transitions for all of us. Alex helped us navigate this crazy period with good advice and truly helpful suggestions. I don’t know how I could have done it without her warmth and expertise.

  • Jolie Loeb: Alex is approachable on all fronts – she makes it easy to pose any question and consistently responds with thoroughness and thoughtfulness. She bottles an endless supply of patience and compassion, and clearly loves what she does. A great fit, a natural, for this ever challenging position.

  • Melissa Ironi: Alex is extremely warm, nurturing and engaging. She has such a knack with kids and brings out the silliness and inquisitiveness in all of the children she interacts with. She is a true delight for kids and parents alike. I can’t wait to have another little one so that we can attend one of her new classes!

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